Sorting transactions

I see that the old Internet Banking interface is about to be withdrawn.  That’s a pity - I still go back to that for a couple of reasons and also because I just prefer the look - more compact - less white space.

In the old interface I can click on the Description column header and instantly see the transactions grouped together - I can see at a glance all the payments to one payee. If this functionality is available in the new interface, I’ve failed to discover it. (Exporting to csv does allow the same sorting but it’s another process and wait - not immediate, no faffing around like before.)

Also, you seem only to be able to get a csv list of transactions for up to 6 months or to search for a range up to 6 months.

I will be changing to another Bank roughly about July or end of this year 2016,i do not like the new internet banking,the old way was the better way,plus i find the new internet banking is more harder to uses,i rang the BNZ Bank up tonite Thursday 19 May 2016,they told me its changing to the new way regardless of any ones feed back,if they cared about there Customers they would leave it the way it is,i go on to the old internet banking all the time,im looking at Kiwi bank atm,i will be in talks with them in next couple of days