Some ideas to make the mobile app even better



I like using your mobile app, great user interface and design. Here are some ideas for making it even better:

  • Allow two parties who are co-signatures to an account to agree to a transaction through the app. A notification pops up telling you have transactions to approve. The transaction does not proceed until both users click “Approve”. This would do away with co-signatures to cheques.
  • Let me send my bank account number by text to someone else to request payment (slightly different from another suggestion I have seen in this forum where the transaction is completed over text)
  • Geolocation that tells you how much you have to spend at that location based on your budget. So I walk into New World and it recognises I am there and tells me by way of a notification that presents when I open the app that I have $90 to spend on Groceries because I have told the app that I want to budget that amount per month. The app automatically defines services/retail outlets into categories, but I could define these further if I wish.
  • Automated sweeping from accounts so that I avoid overdraft/overdrawn account fees. So I tell the app that in the case I am overdrawn, sweep from a savings account or revolving credit facility to cover the sum.
  • Automated sweeping from accounts depending on where I have made the purchase. eg, If I buy McDonalds it takes the funds from an account that I set for entertainment/food, and when I don’t have the funds, it declines! (or it takes from an account I specify).




Hi @mcdonovan,

Thanks for passing on your thoughts, it’s always good to get feedback from customers and hear what would be valuable to build next.
On texting your acct number, you can do this already, if you look in the overflow menu on the account details screen there is a ‘share’ button. Give it a go, and let me know what you think.



Some cool ideas there, very useful, I would use those !


On the statements for credit cards it shows minimum payment and due date. It would be good if it also showed how much of the minimum payment you have made or amount of the minimum payment left to pay


Hi @Roddy,

I have some good news for you - we are working on this at the moment. So, there will be a release in the not too distant future, that will give you this information.

FYI - If you login to new internet banking you can see this info now.



Hi @Roddy,

The credit card feature you asked for has been released today.
Give it a go and let me know what you think.