Smart ATM's

Will BNZ be getting smart ATM’s, I see that ANZ and Westpac are both advertising smart ATM’s.

I made my first deposit at an ATM yesterday, but the way they work are not as good as what ANZ offers as the deposit still has to be manually handled by staff meaning they are not available funds for up to 2 day.

I think it would be good if BNZ matched the competition by offering this service.

Hi Sam01 and thanks for your suggestion.

We currently accept envelope deposits and after hours bag deposits at selected sites across New Zealand.  We’re pleased to say that we are now piloting Smart ATMs in four stores - Sylvia Park, Northwest, Palmerston North and Nelson.  These new Smart ATMs accept notes and coins and the funds are available immediately in your bank account - there’s no need to wait two days for access to your deposit.

Over the course of this year, we’ll be making our Smart ATMs smarter and rolling these out to selected stores across the country.  We will also be introducing exciting new services (including new cheque deposit functionality) to help make banking with us easier and more convenient for our customers.