Smart ATM Enhancement

With Smart ATMs one can use the on screen keyboard to enter 3 types of Reference against a Deposit.
At present one cannot enter a reference when one makes a withdrawal. Instead one has to go to a teller for them to enter a reference against the debit transaction.

Can we please get the reference facility made available for debit transactions when using an ATM

@NeilF784 This is not in my space, but I do know the team that is looking at the Smart ATM’s. I have taken your request and passed on to the team for feedback and an update.

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@NeilF784 I have just been advised by the team the following:

Thanks for the request – this is on our roadmap but timeframe is not yet defined.

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It is now 1 year since “on the roadmap” but nothing has happened.
Surely this would give BNZ an edge over its rival banks.
I would also suspect it is a version of “cut and paste” the area of the programme which allows references for deposits so I struggle to see any difficulty effecting such enhancement .

A further "nag’ on this subject . Surely this becomes higher priority due to Lockdown due to COVID-19 -inability to physically transact with a Teller