Silly faint fonts

I really do not like the new site layout, why are the pages polluted with faint and hard to read fonts and silly thin faint blue text on white background.???

On my PC virtually every one of your pages has ridiculous faint fonts, the account values and balances are so hard to read, why oh why are you using faint fonts.?

The PAYEES list is a joke, white on blue background with the persons account number impossible to read,.
When making a payment the boxes to put in the particulars, code and reference are just soo faint, the boxes are faint, the text is faint, the only reason I am on the page is to make a payment and it is hard to read, why is this.??

I didn’t even know for 6 months that there is an incredibly faint COPY arrow on the right hand side, ask yourself one simple question WHY is this so faint.??

Even when I am writing this topic in the box I get stupid thin blue text… why when I’m typing can you not make my text black and white and easy to read.??? why blue… why thin… why hard to read.??

You need to make the text on your ‘new improved’ site clean, crisp, sharp and easy to read.

This is what I am seeing in my payees list and make payment screens. How does it compare with your view?

Hi Michael,
I’ll send you some of the screen shots I have but can you confirm that by replying via this community link only you will see them and no one else.?

I am happy to help you if I can, though I am not an employee of the bank. I will keep your screen shots confidential, though I will reply back here so others can have the benefit of the discussion.

Here is a screenshot that you can community share. I started and cancelled a test topic to get a screenshot of how hard it is to even write a new topic.

My points are:Why is the text that I am typing in the bottom left of the topic so small, why is it coloured light blue and faint.?
This is the text I’m typing, people need to read what they are typing. Why is it not black on white text that is clear, clean and crisp.?
My monitor is set to native resolution 1680 x 1050 if I drag the page to my other screen (resolution 1050 x 1680 portrait) it is only marginally better.
I have used the " ClearType Test function" of WIndows 10 that ‘tunes’ my monitor to my eyes. I have near perfect vision, I do not need glasses for reading or driving.
Why is the “Dismiss Now” icon a thin white text on blue background.Why are all the other icons such as “Latest’ Unread, Top " etc so faint.?Why is the new topic titled " credit card, remove joint holder” especially faint.? The sole purpose of this page is to inform of new topics, yet the one thing it is meant to bring to viewers attention is thin and faint.! it should be BOLD and it should be CLEAR and it should be stunningly easy to read.
I know blue and white is BNZ branding, but I just don’t see the logic or reasoning in making things so hard to read.

Here is another screenshot you can community share.
It is the payment screen, but why are the most important fields that I need to read faint.? On my monitor it is virtually impossible to see the “COPY” icon.

Why is the text “DO NOT REPEAT” clear, bold and easy to read, yet everything else is intentionally faint.?

The user defined fields " particulars, code, and reference " are especially faint, I mean these are the exact fields that we as users need to read and understand, yet they are deliberately faint.! You have to wonder how many mistakes get made by people with poor vision struggling see what text goes where.
And although it is quite readable, why even is the text in this topic blue and faint, why is it also not black/white and clear clean and crisp…?

I find most of the BNZ website has good contrast and their appropriate use of stylesheets to designate text which has been entered or selections made, by showing this in black instead of gray.

Based on your further information, it would seem your monitor is set to an unnecessarily high resolution. I suggest trying 1280x1024 or a lower resolution at which you get a satisfactory display.

Generally, desktop websites are optimised for 1024x768 to 1280x1024.

Bootstrap [1], which is pretty much the standard for responsive websites, highest increment is at 1,200px. Ditto for every other HTML5 responsive library I am aware of.

  1. Bootstrap project

The blue text on white background has a colour contrast ratio of 12.97:1, which passes all colour contrast checkers.

I wonder if there’s something up with a screen setting. Here’s a nice guide for calibrating your monitor, give that a go and let me know if that works :slight_smile:

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Hi Serena,

i clicked on that link… for 5 seconds and then I clicked off… irrespective if your page was going to work or not, (and i doubt it was), as soon as I saw the web-page was formatted as hard to read skinny white text on black background I thought how stupid. That is how web pages were done in the 1960’s.
I know you did not write that page, but what sort of page designer uses faint white text on black background.???
Even as i write this post it is extremely hard to read the silly faint blue text in the box.
Why writing this post cannot be done in CLEAR BLACK ON WHITE TEXT is the begginning and end of this topic.
Until thew bank makes their web pages sanee and sinsible and clear clean and crisp, then you al lfail to relaise how out oftuich yu arre witf pagees thut ar hardd to tipe and reeeed.

Why do I have to adjust MY monitor.??/ prtetty much every other web page i go to is clear, clean and crisp…
You should simply comapre typing this post here compared to posting on the Trade Me forum… it is a a whole world of difference and i sure don;'t have to adfjut my montor to suit Trade Me, or any otherr pagse and the reason my pages are getting sloopy is im ova squinting to try n read and correkt what ive posted in this faint blue font post…
BUT just for the record I did change my settings to 1280 x 1024 and things were just as faint.
it is NOT my montior pretty much every other web page is fine.
Your may sayy yr monitors may be bettter, but al lthatsays is that yours and not as bad as mine,

The only hard to read pages are liek yours where the designeers have deliveratey used faint fonts.
End oif the day I use on-line banking al lthe time, I’m ova the faint fonts, I don’t have to bank with the BNZ and ou are lucky to have my business with Vias cards x 6 and mortgagee and personal banking, and when I have time and motivation and if I found a better on line banking with clear clean crisps text I’d change in a heartbeat.

No real point discussing further as I just don’t think the BNZ get how silly faint blue font is… .
Over n out…

The World Wide Web was developed in 1990 and deployed publicly in 1991. [1]

And so is the BNZ website.

  1. Wikipedia - World Wide Web

Hey, sorry to hear that. It sounds like you’re getting the same problem on other websites too, so it is most likely a screen, or maybe a browser issue. If you’d like to DM me I’m happy to try diagnose the problem for you.

In the meantime, try turning the contrast of your monitor down, and see if that helps. If you’re having trouble reading the BNZ blue text, you’re most likely having trouble with other websites too. For example, Google uses grey text with a contrast ratio of 7.57:1 — much lower than ours. Give turning the monitor contrast down a go, yeah? :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work, flick me a DM and we can try get to the bottom of this :muscle:


We have 6 office computers, all the monitors and PC’s are less than 2 years old and we use them in a dual screen mode on Windows 10. So we are talking modern, expensive well configured hardware, we are not talking 1960’s hardware. And yes I know when the web went on-line, my reference to the 1960’s is, what Sheldon Cooper would say, BAZINGO, ( a mix of wit and subtle but polite sarcasm… )

We use the internet all day every day, the vast majority of sites are fine, but by virtue of the page builder you have used, your pages are deliberately faded. So your suggestions that following the launch of your ‘new improved’ web site we should now re-calibrate our monitors is ridiculous.

Serena your contrast ratios are irrelevant because they only apply to the pure colours, in blocks side by side as a comparison, it is does apply when your page builders have used silly blurry thin white font on faint blue text or worse blue on blue text.

Have a look at the attached photo it is a screen shot from my iPhone, and my simple question is… why are the words Current Balances and Updated 5:00pm so faint.?
EVERYTHING else on the screen is readable, but when you shrink this down to an iphone screen it is hard to read. NOTE I’m not saying impossible to read just difficult, why are these words not CLEAR CLEAN and easy to read.?

And why I’m mentioning it …??? Because I was refreshing the screen in a bright outside location to see if money had gone in, the person was on the phone and needed an urgent and immediate answer, but the silly little blue on blue text was so faint it was difficult to tell if it had updated or not, (which it hadn’t) Excuse the caps lock but WHY is the text we need to read comprised of faint blue on blue font.? Answer this one question and you’ll finally get where I’m coming from. .defend hard to read thin faint blue on blue text and you miss the point by a galaxy or 2.

I’m guessing you are not going to tell me to recalibrate my ihpone screen.?

I’m even writing and pasting this in clear black and white text in Word because the silly blue text in your silly forum box is …. Well it’s just silly.!

In our office the quality of the BNZ web page displays, in particular the financial fields in the accounts, varies from monitor to monitor but at best it is merely ‘adequate’ . Ys it ‘works’ and yes we can put up with it and we can squint and read the deliberately faded fields and faint text .

BUT (and this is the biggest BUT of any successful business ) You don’t increase your success by operating a merely ‘adequate’ on-line banking web site. You are the best only when you run the BEST on line banking, an on-line banking that is amazingly clear and crisp easy to read.

My final post script is that we have been 30+ years with the BNZ (previously NAB) my wife worked 15 years with the NAB/BNZ, We paid our $300,000 mortgage through you, our business banks $600,000 a year and we operate 6 Visa cards and have our personal banking with you. But ultimately if the BNZ doesn’t want to be the BEST and is happy with ‘adequate’ then fine, as Forest Gump would say, “ Adequate is… as adequate does…”

I’m sure BNZ will be disappointed to lose such a fabulous customer that offers such constructive feedback. I fear they may be on the brink of collapse because of it.

In any case, I hope that is of some consolation to BNZ that many other customers (dare I say, a vast majority?) appear to have absolutely no issue with your design choices.


Lily, Railsgirl

P.S.: I created an account specifically to compliment the font, typeface and colour choices made by BNZ for their online and mobile banking platforms. This seems silly in hindsight, but then that does appear to be the topic of this thread.