Show Payee Bank Account number


When paying to a saved Payee why doesn’t their Bank Account numbet show along with the name.
Easy to pay to the wroong account. Seems simple for BNZ to show the number.


Hi there, as the Payee details are already saved they do not re-appear each time a new payment is made. You can always check the account details by selecting the Payee in your Payee List under “Menu”. I have also passed on your feedback to the appropriate team to look into. Thanks Adina.


Checking the account number means going out of the account screen and opening the payee list.

As I pay from the account would be so much easier if the number was displayed.



I’m at a loss as to why this is an issue for you. Do you pay to the same person to different bank, or different bank account numbers as in sub accounts?


Agreed, it should be so easy for BNZ to fix it.


If a business changes their bank account I like to check I am paying the correct account. Maybe I have already changed it, maybe not? To check I
need to go out of the screen I am in, and go to the Payee screen.


All I get from BNZ is negative answers