Server down

Hi everyone, anyone have any update about BNZ server which is not working since this morning. Made a payment yesterday morning and its still not allocated to my payee’s account. Wait times for contact center are between 30-50 mins. Also internet banking or app is not showing any transactions. Same thing happened whole day yesterday and again today.

Is there any update anyone got regarding this issue?

Hey there, everything is back up and running now. I am so sorry about yesterday’s disruptions :disappointed: You can check the status of our internet banking here:

Afternoon Si.
I’m thinking you need to review your reply and check the status page.
Still not working correctly - only 24 hours + now.

You’re right. It isn’t up and running properly as initially hoped. Our tech team is working through some issues with our internet banking, including:

  • Incomplete transaction history
  • Account running balances
  • Transaction exports

Hi Si, thanks for your reply. My payment is now finally sorted after 3 days. What I am concerned about is the level of service BNZ is providing at this time. I know these technical problems can happen at anytime as these are unexpected but your wait times for contact center are way too much. I nearly used 168 minutes of my calling time just to call BNZ in 3 days. I was waiting around 30-35 mins on average. This morning I called at 8.01AM and waited 31 minutes for the call to be answered by one of your advisers and at the end nothing was sorted because call was disconnected mid way and when I called again IVR said it will be 47-62 mins of wait time.

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that :frowning: As a result of the outage I know we have had a much larger than usual volume of calls. But we’re working hard to fix all the issues with internet banking and be responsive to our customers. I’m really sorry. I will pass your feedback on to the team.

Really? would some honesty go a long way and beef up the team… yes I’m sick of struggling with the inconsistency… I know losing one customer like me wont worry you and honestly don’t believe you will pass any feedback on… its just social media lip service