Semble ....bye bye...BNZ has something in the pipeline?

I’ve rooted my phone (Samsung Galaxy J5) so this functionality is a moot point nonwithstanding it’s a good idea.

Is it an in-house app (similar to ANZ and ASB) or are you guys working with Android Pay (whenever that releases in New Zealand)?

I’d love to Beta test if it’s in-house. I miss being able to PayWave with my phone. D:


How long before we have an update on this???

Hi @andrewlall, I’ll be in touch over the next few months to let you know more, thanks for your patience!

ANZ is looking very promising at this stage. I hope BNZ announces something with Apple Pay soon, seeing as it’s now in NZ with ANZ firmly behind it.

I loved your innovative YouMoney concept and User Interface when you debuted it. Keep up with the innovation and technology and give us Apple Pay support!

APPLE PAY is already here! When will BNZ be getting it?

I have another account with ANZ that I didn’t really use but now transfer money to it JUST TO USE APPLE PAY! It’s amazingly fast and convenient.

I’m actually considering moving back to ANZ purely for this. It seems BNZ are more interested in getting mobile payments on the android platform than on the iOS.

I reckon there is going to be an exodus to ANZ if BNZ does not come up with something very soon. I’m a loyal BNZ customer but am very tempted to jump ship to ASB’s virtual pay. Come on BNZ…

I have just applied for a ANZ credit/debit card as they even support NFC payments on Android in addition to Apple pay :slight_smile: Seems like we(BNZ customers) are still old skool carrying cards around while everyone around is swiping their phones to make payments. For someone that wants to keep up with technology waiting for a few months unfortunately is not good enough :frowning:

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Totally agree!!

Yup agreed.

I have been loyal to BNZ but if they don’t give me a date for Apple Pay (even an approximate project timeline), then I will be moving to ANZ.

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For those watching this thread… Android Pay is here!


Wow! Android pay is here .Look forward to credit cards being added…NOW!!!

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Thanks to the team @ BNZ Queen St for sending me via courier an Android cookie welcoming me to Android Pay. So cool !! :blush:
Cheers guys & Merry Christmas in advance…