Semble ....bye bye...BNZ has something in the pipeline?


With Semble on it’s way out is there a new wallet from BNZ in the offing? Am so used to paying for stuff with my phone that the though of no more Semble causes me grief. BNZ please help !!!

Kid Regards,

Steve M


Yeah. Me too.! BNZ - please let us know what is happening.

When does Semble stop working?
When is a replacement service coming?
This was a great feature. Don’t go backwards!

Hi @kiwiboyz and @brboo,

This is definitely not the end of mobile payments for BNZ, we are working on something that I think will be even better than Semble was. Sorry, I can’t give specifics at the moment, but Mobile payments is the future and we are fully committed to it.

BNZ cards in Semble will continue to work until 15 August 2016, then all BNZ cards will progressively be removed from this service.


Cheers Eric.I dream of a seamless transition from Semble to BMW (BNZ Mobile Wallet) come the 15th of August :blush:

I would much rather Apple Pay and Android Pay coming to NZ through BNZ first. No messing around with apps, special SIM cards and such. Here’s hoping! @Eric :wink:

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+1 for Apple Pay :smile:

Is there a reason BNZ seems to be going in-house rather than using Android and Apple Pay?

Is Apple Pay available in New Zealand yet? I didn’t think it was, which is why BNZ have not released it yet.

None of the international payment methods are available in New Zealand yet. I do hope there’s talks with BNZ to support it when Android Pay comes out though.

My card stopped working with Semble a week ago and I already miss using my phone to act all superior and technological. :stuck_out_tongue:

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News just in that Apple Pay is in NZ via ANZ. How long do we have to wait BNZ for your mobile wallet? Miss Semble so much…:cry:

Ohhhh interesting.

I might be saying bye bye to BNZ if Apple Pay is too far away.

Totally agree. If Apple Pay isn’t on the horizon for BNZ customers then I think i’ll be moving to the bank that does have it too. And I think that would be the same for most customers. Fingers crossed BNZ! Don’t let us down!

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Come on BNZ, you’ve been hinting at something for a while, time to give us some proper info about whats in the works before we all jump ship… and we all… hope… its Apple Pay (otherwise your a bit misguided).

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@Eric we are eagerly awaiting your response :smiley:

Hi all, our update for now is that we are still working on it, but we will make it loud and clear when we are ready. Realise no news can be frustrating, but bear with us, our developers are working super hard !

@Nick - Can we have a rough date for when we might see something?

Wonder if this is hinting something…

I swear if it isn’t Apple Pay and it’s some other form of mobile payment, ANZ are looking mighty promising for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are monitoring this board but not responding :unamused:

C’mon guys - give us something.

Hey guys, it’s just a bit difficult because there are a number of factors that go into things like this - as @Nick said, appreciate the frustration but rest assured the team is working on it. We’ll post here when we know more.