Self service ability to suspend a card (temporarily)

I’ve just had a panicked call from my daughter in Australia who couldn’t find her visa debit but saw an unexpected transaction on it. I rang the 0800 number to get a hold put on the card only for her to ring back and say the card had been found. I don’t know now whether she is going to have to get a new card sent with the problem of not being able to load a pin. It would have been so useful if she could have just logged into her internet banking an temporarily held the card herself. Even better if there was a way of delegating authority so another trusted person (me in this case) could also do it.

Hi @dms, I know the team are working on card controls this year (as mentioned by @eric in this post: BNZ app feature request - international travel notifications) so thanks for that feedback. In the meantime, if you’d like me to look in to this case I’m happy to - if you PM her access number we’ll look into it and give her a call :slight_smile:

Thanks - that’s great news. Part of the problem is that she doesn’t having a phone that you can call her on (she called me via Messenger) but she is going to send a secure message to find out what the story is. I appreciate your offer of help though.

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No problem - @Krystal FYI, keep an eye out for this secure message :slight_smile:

Sure thing! We are processing messages from 16 hours ago at the moment, so it wont be too long before she gets a reply. If you give me her name I can double check for her @dms :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard back from her that her card is working just fine! I really appreciate how quickly everything got sorted out, great service