Script error

I get this regularly. Is it going to be fixed?

Is that Windows XP?


Hi numcrun, Unfortunately, Windows XP is not a supported operating system anymore. For your banking security, I’d highly recommend upgrading. Here is some info on minimum operating system and browser requirements: Hope this helps.

What Browser and version are you using?

Firefox 49.0.2

I am running FF 49.0 on Slackware64 14.2.

If you advise me where and what you were doing I will double check it.

I too am on Firefox 49.02 plus MS Edge (Anniversary Update edition of Win 10).

I have no problems. My suggestion 'get rid of XP". There seems to be some sort of myth about how good XP is/was .
It is long past its use by date -horse and cart v motor transport

Thanks for looking into it. I would upgrade if it wasn’t so much work involved reinstalling and transferring everything. We have 10 computers. XP is fine for the basic office work we do. Windows 7 is fine but I don’t like 8 or 10.

Upgrade to 7 then. The work you do now to upgrade will be less significant than if you get infected with malware.

I run Kaspersky on all the XP PCs, block email attachments and cross my fingers…