Scammers - crime

I have been experiencing over $2000 have come out of my account and the transactions are not made by me either. I have filed this and my notes are taken down. However this all happened because my old card was not cancelled. I was overseas and my card was blocked due to an unknown supplier trying to take money out and that problem was resolved. I told the bank while I was in uk to order me a new card and I will activate it when I return and I told them the date as well. No one got in touch with me or she didn’t tell me when I was on the phone with her that I will need to cancel the card. It’s like if you are going to send me a new card why didn’t you block my old and if you need to confirm security details why didn’t you say to me to call back. I was later told when I noticed all the unknown transactions that my old card is now blocked and it will take up to 30 days for all that money to come back to my account. So I can’t do much so I am now just waiting. Until
I notice two more unknown transactions being made. I have emailed the bank now.
I don’t understand why this is all happening. I don’t feel like bnz is a safe bank right now with all these scams and money not being protected.

Hey @Ppatel19, I’m really sorry to hear about this. I’d like to rectify the situation asap for you. I’ll send you a message now. Thanks, Lawrence

I was almost the victim of a number of credit card scam transactions last night.
Fortunately for me, as a result of the prompt actions of the awesome BNZ Financial Crime Management Centre team the criminals were thwarted and no loss was incurred by me or BNZ.
They put a stop on my card, contacted me to verify that the transactions weren’t mine and then cancelled the card and ordered a new one for me.
well done team and your prompt action is much appreciated.