Scam Savvy Week is here!

Hi everyone!

Scam Savvy Week is here! This week we’ll be heading out into the community to spread awareness about scams! So make sure you keep an eye out for us when you’re in the Shopping Mall, at the Train Station or you may even want to sign up to one of our ‘Scam Savvy’ sessions at your nearest Branch. In terms of Wellington locations, we’ll be in various Malls in Lower Hutt and North City as well as BNZ Branches and the Wellington Train Station. For information regarding Scam Savvy sessions and schools in other parts of the country contact your local Branch.

Since this week is all about ‘scams’ we’ve plucked out some of our favourite scam related posts for you to have a read of. Check them out using the links below! Enjoy. :blush:

We don’t want you to fall for this tax themed scam

Another invoice scam doing the rounds

Builders beware you could be in for a scam

Stay on the lookout for lottery scams

Red flag alert


Unfortunately the scam savy email itself appears to be a scam as it takes one to addresses that are corruptions of that address e.g., and to a non bnz site, These are both “first order” clues to a scam.

Thee addresses should be changed to BNZ ones, possibly that explains one will bee taken to another site. Please practice what you are preaching - internet safety.

Hi there, thanks for taking your time to raise your concerns! I have passed your feedback on to the digital team to ensure there is no misunderstanding when future correspondence is sent out to customers. ^Kris