**Safer Internet Day 2020**

Today is ‘Safer Internet Day’, which is celebrated globally in February each year. It’s a day dedicated to promoting a safer online world. Netsafe are the official organising committee for this in New Zealand, and BNZ are proud to support them to encourage conversations about what a safer internet could look like. At BNZ, we think it’s an important day to recognise given that if you’re not staying safe online, you’re more likely to become a target of financial crime.

Netsafe have shared some great tips and resources, including online safety conversation starters for kids (under ten year olds), tweens (10-13 year olds) and teens (14-18 year olds). They recommend having regular chats with your young ones to educate them about online safety, and ultimately help minimise the damage if things do go wrong online. The types of questions they suggest asking your children are:

  • What are some things you shouldn’t share online?
  • What is the difference between public and private posts?
  • Do you know what privacy settings are and what they are used for?

On top of this, Netsafe have a ‘Parents Toolkit’, as well as guides for checking privacy settings for some of the major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

To read these resources in detail, and even print them off to take home so you can ask your kids, visit the following page https://www.netsafe.org.nz/safer-internet-day/