Ridiculous: business credit card statements can't be viewed in internet banking?

I tweeted about this and got referred to this site.


Anyone else found it odd that business credit cards can not be viewed in internet banking? We’d love to stop receiving them in the mail and just get them electronically.

Hi @jessearcher,

Fair point, we would also love to stop sending statements by mail, unfortunately there are some very specific technical and legal reasons as to why we don’t show these statements online now. It’s a little difficult to get into the exact reasons here, but we are working on it, and you should be able to see your statements online in late 2016.

FYI - You can see statements online for personal Credit Cards.



I’d be interested to know what the legal reasons are?

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If you send me a private message with your number, I will give you a call, and do my best to explain it.


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Just send me an email I’m sure you have access to it via this message board.

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No need to e-mail, I just thought it might be easier to talk through it, anyway here goes…

Currently there can be many Credit Cards in business banking that get billed to one statement. So, although you have permission to see the Credit Card transactions for the card you have, you may not have permission to see the other transactions that could be on the ‘group’ statement. If we showed these it’s possible we would be in a privacy breach.

We are working through options at the moment to show transactions relating to the applicable Credit Card.





There was an interesting and possibly relevant case last year. Google “Boyce v Westpac New Zealand Ltd [2015] NZHRRT 41” or click the link below. The Human Rights Review Tribunal well and truly found in the bank’s favor - affirming that businesses have the right to view transactions made by their employees using employer provided cards.


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Thanks for the feedback and welcome to BNZ community.
Our concern here, would be employees seeing other employees transactions, not so much with what the ‘provider’ of the card could see.


Thanks for sharing the reasoning with us .

It sounds to me like overkill, especially considering this would not be an issue in most companies. I may have been interested in applying for a business credit card but now I learn I can’t see it in internet banking, I ask “what’s the point”? It sounds more user-unfriendly then the last business credit card I had (with another bank), which I gave up because it took 1-3 days for payments to be applied.

Put another way - I suggest there is far better tweaks to implement then worrying about the internal politics in some client company.

I read that tribunal hearing. Wow.
So what happened was an accountant in the firm he was working for agreed to having the use of a debit card provided by the firm but the card was issued in his own personal name because of an operational constraint in the bank’s system? So because of the banks operational issues, the bank is not liable, even though it would not be standard banking practise, or even in the interests of any party to have a debit card for business issued by the company to the employee and it having to be in the employees own name? The bank should have refused to issue such an account. Certainly all the accountants should have known better. The banks are privileged in that there are a lot of legal loopholes that are available to them that consumers and businesses can’t defend. If anyone is in Chch go to the University library, level 6 law section and get out the books on banking and consumers. You’ll wonder why people even bother to file claims against banks. They don’t win.

Has there been any movement on getting this fixed up? Bit ridiculous we have to ask for these to be faxed to us (email not an option) and incur a fee per statement!

I just think that banks are not geared up for business banking.
All their products are targeted at the employee consumer.
You’ll probably have to speak to the banks solicitor to find out the reasons why they can’t do what you are asking.
Banks themselves don’t even understand the antimoney laundering laws as they apply to bank products.

I emailed Dr David Tripe a couple of years back to ask about a banking situation I had that the banks could not resolve and I did get a reply.
He is a professor at the Massy University and does banking law as well.
The laws to do with banking are very complex Because they are government regulated, the banks will overkill a product or service or just not have it available rather than risk a legal claim against them for some loophole someone discovered.
In my own financial matters with the banks I was surprised just how little the banks actually know about the laws.
There will always be a legal reason why the banks don’t provide a product or service in the way that people want. Some of our laws are just plain lacking in important areas.
Business laws in themselves are also complex. So you make a consumer product available for business use and its a recipe for disaster.
So best not to be too hard on the banks. Their product knowledge and legal knowledge is still very antiquated and subpar, once you strip back all the embroidery and market hype. Don’t expect any bank to be anything more than basically just adequate. That’s all they will ever be.

+1 for this functionality - please make it a priority BNZ.


I know it’s taken a while since this conversation started…
BNZ Business Credit Cards are now available in IB4B - Starts this month.
No historical statements online (change of systems for the new ones…) but going forward, you’ll be able to build-up records to go back to… :grinning:


Hi there @JJ1 ,
I was very excited seeing you post…where do I find the statements?
I have administrator privileges but can’t see the business CC statements. The report offers the pdf export but these are not the official statements. I do have access to all individual cc transactions.