Reporting to credit agencies

Does BNZ report credit cards to all 3 credit reporting agencies, I got my credit report from Centrix today and it does not have any data from my credit card on it (Which I have had since the middle of Feburary).

How often does the data get reported?

BNZ are not a subscriber of Centrix.
I don’t know if they subscribe to Veda

If data does not appear on your credit report, thank your lucky stars.

Data may get reported if the subscriber (bank, credit card company) uses comprehensive reporting which means it will update the graph on the report each month. Each time you change the limit or a credit card or borrow more the information will be changed. GEM visa uses comprehensive reporting. So do some finance companys and some banks that give you overdrafts. Each time you want to make a change to lending or open a new account ask first if they will be updating the reporting companies. Ask who they use.

Debt collection and credit reporting are completed unregulated and open to abuse in NZ.
I have found on my credit reports there is no consistancy of the information between reporting companies. My credit report that Veda held against me was aged artifically. Also they linked historical data to it which caused a huge reduction in points. This is because the banks wanted to make sure I can never borrow money from anyone ever again.

I now have a permanent block against the credit report that Veda hold in my name because the transactions are not valid. The block doesn’t stop debt being listed against the report, but it will stop a bank from making any initial enquiries against it.