Report issues or give feedback on new site

Hi all, please use this thread to report any bugs or issues you come across while using our new site. We’ll be actively monitoring it and will respond as quickly as possible.

If you’ve encountered a technical issue please be as detailed as possible in your description.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new site so please feel free to leave it here :blush:

I was on the site today, and thinking if I’d missed any posts of interest to me…
I thought I’d have a look to see if their was a selection for ‘Unread’ - found it, selected it & then see what the criteria was for something to appear in the unread section - Turns out it’s lying to me - none of the 3 criteria for being ‘unread’ - 1 even says if I’ve read it for 4 minutes or more, means it’s unread ???
Please sort this out - it’s very confusing.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, @JJ1! We’re currently reviewing Community, so we’ll put this on our list of updates. If you have any other suggestions please keep them coming!!