Remittance email

I have a suggestion for a new feature in Internet Banking which should be very easy to implement:

When making an online payment, there should be an option to email a remittance advice to the payee. As this email would be sent directly from the BNZ, there would be no opportunity for the payer to fake any of the information, and it could be accepted as immediate confirmation of payment.

After a successful payment, a simple form could ask for:

  • an email address to send the remittance advice (this could be a list of emails, separated by commas/semicolons, and - even better - a registered payee could have a stored email address that would be used as a default)
  • an optional short cover note
  • an option to CC or BCC the message to oneself

The email should contain:

  • the optional cover note
  • a message indication that a successful payment has been completed
  • the name of the payer’s account holder (NOT the nickname of the account, NOR the account number)
  • the payee’s account number (NOT the nickname of the registered payee)
  • the date and time of the transaction
  • the amount of the payment
  • the date the payment is expected to arrive in the payee’s account
  • the statement details to appear on the payee’s bank statement (NOT the payer’s statement)
  • the BNZ logo

In the event of a future-date payment, the options could be stored and the email sent after the payment has actually been made.

Thanks for your consideration.


Is anyone from BNZ going to respond to this?

Morning @gmandeno, sorry for the delayed response.

This is a good idea and I can see a number of uses for it (e.g. after making payment for a TradeMe item so your goods get shipped straight away).

The payment form is one of the more complex parts of the site so this isn’t a change we could do quickly. We are looking to rebuild it and I will add this to the list of improvements we would like to make at that time.

Thanks for this feedback,

Thanks, @LukeB! I actually first suggested this back on 24/04/2009 in the Internet Banking feedback, and it was acknowledged as a “good idea” then, so please forgive me for not holding my breath!

Cheers, Graham

This would be great for trade me.