Refresh Accounts Page

One of those tiny annoyances that I have with the BNZ app is the inability to refresh your accounts on the main page.

I sometimes transfer money to say my “Online” account, spend it and then want to transfer the remaining back. Currently, todo this with the BNZ app:

  • Open BNZ App and Login
  • Transfer Money and spend it
  • Close app entirely
  • Open app back up, login then transfer to account

It sounds like a tiny complaint but when you’re constantly transferring between
your YouMoney accounts it makes it a hassle when you want to see the updates.

The Current Balance view allows you to refresh by pulling down from the top - would this be possible in the YouMoney screen?

Besides this minor complaint, the BNZ app is what I show everyone when I talk about BNZ - it’s an incredibly well built app that always has people wanting to move banks after I show them.

Hi Kieren this is indeed a great idea! I have passed this on to our Tech Team to review. :slight_smile: