Red flag alert

Here in the Financial Crime Management Centre we frequently encounter victims of telecommunications scams. The callers will say they need to speak to you regarding issues with your ‘Spark, Vodafone or 2 Degrees account’ or your computer, and then convince you to provide them with your personal information. People have been scammed out of significant amounts of money following these calls.

Just like BNZ, these types of telecommunications providers will never call customers out of the blue to ask for personal details like bank account, credit card, or internet banking details. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Spark, Vodafone or any other telecommunication provider who asks for your personal information you should immediately end the call. Your personal details are very valuable to offenders. They will use your information to take out loans or run up debts if they can. Don’t let them have this information! Always #stopandthinkisthisforreal?

Red flags to look out for:

  1. Someone calling and claiming to be from a telecommunication provider with the offer of their employee number to prove this.
  2. An offer is made to take control of your home computer to fix a virus that has been identified in your modem or computer.
  3. The scammers provide a number for you to call back on if you seem suspicious. The scammers answer this phone line that they own with ‘Hello, Spark/Vodafone helpdesk’.

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And don’t forget about this cool Scam Savvy test on our website, see if you can take the test and become Scam Savvy certified! :slight_smile:

That wraps up Fraud Awareness Week for another year! Thanks for tuning in once again and remember If you, or someone you know have been caught up in a scam, or if you’ve provided personal information to someone over the telephone or via email please call us on 0800 ASK BNZ (275 269) and ask to speak to the Financial Crime Management Centre.


Thanks for sharing, Olivia. I think it would be easier to fall for scams like these, as opposed to the traditional, poorly-worded emails, so definitely a good takeaway.