Receiving one-off payment from Australia

I have a customer who will be paying from Australia. Probably a one-off payment, so I’m looking for a nice and simple solution. Any ideas?

I’ve pondered Paypal, and it may end up happening that way as it is very simple. However I’m hoping that the BNZ (being owned by an Australian outfit) has something even simpler/cheaper?

-David (Kings Computers)

As I understand it, BNZ charges a one-off fee of $25 for receiving a telegraphic transfer (international) and there would probably also be a fee charged by the sending bank, but Paypal has a much smaller set fee (cents rather than dollars) but takes a percentage of what’s sent. So I guess you’d have to figure out which method would leave you better off - the standard fee, or the percentage. I’ve also heard that Paypal can have some hidden fees for doing things like  withdrawing the money once it’s in your Paypal account. BNZ’s method seems pretty straightforward, but I’d be doing the calculations to see which outfit left me better off financially.

Pretty sure BNZ’s fee for Inward International Payments in only $15, not $25, but yes it would depend on the amounts involved…

Hello dgk42! 

I can confirm that the fee for a telegraphic transfer is definitely $15 for BNZ to receive the funds, and this is a flat fee, regardless of the amount sent to BNZ.  If your customer can bank the funds through NAB bank, then they will send the funds directly through to BNZ rather than going through other banks (for which they may charge additional fees).  There will be a fee from the Australian bank (depending on their banking services) for the customer sending funds to New Zealand.

Paypal, I cant comment on.  I haven’t used it myself to receive payments. Sorry!

I ended up using Paypal as my customer already had a Paypal account, and the fees were about the same as the NAB/BNZ fees for the amount we were dealing with. Many thanks to all for the advice.