Receiving International payment - Funds pending by BNZ?

I am awaiting an international payment to clear, the sender said it’s been sent and approved from their side, but the funds seem to be on hold/pending by my bank? It’s been 5 days now, why would BNZ hold the payment, I have received these payments before and they have cleared once entered the country, I also don’t understand why BNZ can’t track an incoming international payment since it’s already in their possession and let me know why it’s on hold

Hi there, thanks for raising this with us. I’m sorry to hear of the unexpected delay, particularly as your prior payments have gone through much faster. There are some occasions where our international team does have to hold incoming international payments - these payments (unlike domestic bill payments) are subject to a whole heap of regulations and have to be manually checked off. But it sounds like we’ve already checked in our system and found no trace of the payment? If this is the case, it’s likely that the sender has entered incorrect contact details and the payment never reached us. International payments are extremely finicky, If even a single digit of the beneficiaries address is entered incorrectly, for example, the payment will be sent back. Alternatively, the payment could just be subject to an unexpected delay. While these payments are usually fairly quick, they can take up to 10 business days to arrive depending on the level of processing required. I’d strongly recommend checking to see if the sender has in fact entered your details correctly. You can also contact us by secure email for updates. If you select the topic ‘Send money overseas’, the message will go directly to the international team. ^Max

Thank you for getting back to me, this all makes sense. I have another question, if the international payment were to arrive Friday or Saturday morning, does BNZ still send the payment to my acc on a Saturday?