Rearrange accounts on bnz app


How do you rearrange your accounts on the bnz app? I used to do it by placing a number in front of the account name but this no longer seems to work with my credit card always defaulting to the end… any ideas?


Hey @Pipernz, thanks for the question. @Eric are you aware of a way to rearrange the accounts? Cheers


Hi Pipernz,

Sorry you can’t currently order accounts on the mobile app - but it is on our backlog.

Currently accounts are ordered alphabetically showing transactional accounts first - followed by Credit Cards and Home loans. You can change the order by numbering the accounts but Credit Cards will always display towards the bottom.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the reply. Would be great to see the ability to rearrange accounts - particularly being able to see credit cards at the top - helping me be better with my money and what not :wink: