Rearrange accounts on bnz app


How do you rearrange your accounts on the bnz app? I used to do it by placing a number in front of the account name but this no longer seems to work with my credit card always defaulting to the end… any ideas?


Hey @Pipernz, thanks for the question. @Eric are you aware of a way to rearrange the accounts? Cheers


Hi Pipernz,

Sorry you can’t currently order accounts on the mobile app - but it is on our backlog.

Currently accounts are ordered alphabetically showing transactional accounts first - followed by Credit Cards and Home loans. You can change the order by numbering the accounts but Credit Cards will always display towards the bottom.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the reply. Would be great to see the ability to rearrange accounts - particularly being able to see credit cards at the top - helping me be better with my money and what not :wink:


Any updates on this?

In addition, hiding accounts would be useful, i.e. for bills accounts that are largely automated.



Hi @Eric, are you able to shed some light on the current situation?


Hi Guys,

Sorry - no new update. It’s on the backlog, but we are currently working on other priorities.

As a temporary hack, you can put a number in front of your account name, and these accounts will then show in numerical order. Albeit they will still group, with transactional accounts showing first.



This seems like such a simple request, It’s a huge pet peeve of mine and many others.
I don’t care about making the app in different languages, just sort out the basics first and let us rearrange our accounts