Rapid saver

Hallo BNZ

In June 2017, I increased my Rapid Savers on the 29th June 2017.
When I looked at my accounts in July I was surprised to see that 3 accounts did not receive Bonus Interest. It took my phoning BNZ , going through an intense session of identification and receiving the excuse that I had increased the balance too late to earn interest.
What a cop out, the BNZ had my money for the whole month and my balances had been increased before the end on the month. After a session of argument the bonus interest was credited.
I feel that the BNZ are trying to steal interest from their loyal customers and wonder how many customers are derived out of interest by this subterfuge.
If any other bank had the security of the netguard card, I would change to them immediately.
What do the rest of you feel about this???