Rapid save account & tips


And I would love to win the Range Rover also. I have regularly transferred funds over and here a a few tips I do to make it grow & keep it growing.

  1. Have a goal in mind - a good incentive is a great motivator.
  2. Skip a daily treat, e.g coffee, and deposit that amount into your savings. $5 does ads up!
  3. When you use your card, round up to the nearest dollar, transfer the difference into your savings
  4. Be consistent & disciplined - it will make saving become second nature.


Awesome tips @Mich_81.
I too have Rapid Save accounts and it’s amazing how the regular payments soon add up. Having a goal in mind is a great incentive, maybe for something like Christmas, a holiday, new home, etc.
Another tip is that if you have a BNZ Credit Card you can put the cashback each month into your Rapid Save too and then you can get interest on your interest (if that makes sense).
Keep up the good work.