Push notification - more details please

Can I suggest we get more information in the push notification. For example, TransferWise will give the name as well. We could also have the reference of the transaction there. This way saves you from opening the app.

Same with spending, could be useful to have the name of the store in there.

Hi there, thanks for your feed back that’s a really good idea. I will pass this on to the Tech team, and have them look into it! Thanks !!!

Any update on this? This would be really useful.

Hi! Unfortunately there has been no update at this stage. It has been submitted as an idea for our Tech Team to look at implementing.

Still interested in this if there’s any new info around this. I don’t know how the push notification system is currently configured but it seems like something that would be fairly trivial to add.

Hi again! Unfortunately no update to report on this.