Protecting your BNZ card from Counterfeit fraud

Hi there, I’m Olivia from BNZ’s Financial Crime team. We get a lot of queries about how New Zealanders can protect themselves from counterfeit fraud on their BNZ cards, so I thought I’d share this tip about LENSecure:

LENSecure is the Bank’s best defence against counterfeit Credit Card and Flexi Debit Visa Card fraud. Each time you use a BNZ ATM, the Liquid Encryption Number (LEN) changes. This means that when fraudulent attempts are made to withdraw funds anywhere in the world from a counterfeit version of your Credit Card or Flexi Debit Visa Card, it will immediately decline. It also helps the Financial Crime team to identify the point at which your card may have been compromised. So, if you’re walking past a BNZ ATM, take a second to get an account balance (or any type of transaction) so your LEN can update.

If you have any questions about LENSecure feel free to ask! You can also check out further info here:


Can I email you directly about banking fraud

Hi @Ford, if you have a query that you’d prefer to discuss privately I’m happy for you to send me a private message here and I’ll see if I can help. Thanks. :slight_smile: