Proof of Savings/Income for Visa Applications

I’ve decided to jump ship for awhile and try my hand at living in the UK. As part of my Vusa application, I need to prove that I have £1800 in savings. Not a problem as I have that much, but I need to provide a letter from the bank and/or a statement (preferably not showing every single on of my many YouMoney accounts!)

I can’t get in to a branch right now, but how easy is it to get these issued?

This is terrible news for us because you are one of our faves, @RC! But obviously very exciting for you - hope you’ll pop in for a visit every now and again :slight_smile:

You can get statements online via your internet banking. If you’re using YouMoney pop into the old internet banking view and click on Accounts - Online Statements. Instead of going for the Summary of Accounts option just get the latest statement for the account that has the savings in it. You can download from there and use as your proof of savings.

Hint: you will need your Netguard card to get access to online statements.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you!

Hi RC.

No need to dip into the old site, as you can access your statements online in YouMoney.

Simply go into a particular account transaction view and tap on the ‘More’ link at the top (next to Edit and the X to exit).

You’ll see a link to ‘View statements’, which takes you to all statements you have available for that account. PDFs so you can print, download or email them as you require.

Where abouts are you heading in the UK? Say hi from me.
Hope you get to travel around a bit there, as well as enjoying Europe on your doorstep.


Really helpful guys, the process was easy and painless! And I’ll still be maintaining my BNZ accounts,  and I’m not leaving for a wee while yet, so I’ll still be around!