Problems With Custom Date Range Statements

How come when I put a custom date range in to download it still only downloads the last 3 months
even if i do the last 2 years option the same thing happens and it doesn’t matter what format you use the same thing! very frustrating

Hey @jj, sorry for the delay in reply. I’ve sent this on to some of our digital team to see if they can help but they’re based in Wellington so have been a bit disrupted lately due to the quakes. Hopefully have something for you soon :slight_smile:

Hi @jj, Are you able to provide a bit more information on the account type you are trying to export transactions for and the file type?

If you are trying to export to a OFX file then this is restricted to the last 3 months unfortunately. You will notice that you can’t select the last 2 years from the drop down but we don’t restrict the custom date range, even if you put a date back to last year only the last 3 months will be returned.

Other file types like CSV should work fine with a 2 year range if there are transactions in that period.

KiwiSaver accounts only have a 3 month export range which we are hoping to increase soon.