Problems exporting transactions


When I try to export transactions in CSV format on my Visa account for yr 17/18 (1 Apr 17-31 Mar18 )
I only get results from present back to 01 Mar 18 (203 Transactions in total).
Can you please help me with this.


Hi there, it sounds like you may have had a different card number prior to March 2018. If you’ve lost your card or it was stolen and we needed to block and replace it, you would have been issued with a new card number. Unfortunately, you can only export transactions for a current Credit Card number. You will only be able to download online statements in PDF format for any previous card numbers. Simply select ‘Documents’ in the Menu > ‘Statements’ > ‘Show closed accounts’ > Select the account that you wish to view the statements for (in this case the old card number(s)). I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, Alyssia.


Thank you that makes sense. I changed my card earlier in the year.