Printing "Summary of Accounts" for statements

I can’t see how to print the summary of accounts.  The came up along with the accounts statement under the old internet banking but I’m unable to find them in the new system.

Hi @Larry,

These are currently unavailable in new internet banking and we are investigating if there is a better way to provide this information and what exactly it is used for (this page was originally intended to be a cover page for the printed statement).  We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you use this.

I am with Larry on this one. I have already sent a comment via Feedback, but will post this  here too. I need to be able to supply a summary of accounts each month when doing Accounts for a Trust Board - without having to include the whole list of transactions. At present I use the new internet banking for everything else, but have to revert to the old system when it comes to the summary of accounts. I would find it very helpful if this could somehow be included in the new system.

Thanks @Monty and @Larry. We’re working on this at the moment so it should be available in a couple of weeks with our next release.

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Thank you @LukeB for listening to our requests and working on finding a solution. I do look forward to the final outcome.

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Thanks so much again LukeB for sorting this - it is good to see the monthly Summary. But I don’t seem to be able to save it as a PDF at this stage so I can there share the Summary. Is there something I am doing wrong. Many thanks.

Sorry LukeB I made a typo in my previous reply - it should read I don’t seem to be able to save the Summary as a PDF at this stage so I can thenshare the Summary of Accounts each month.

Many thanks

Hi @Monty, you should be able to save it in the same way you would save your statements. The exact way to do this is dependent on your browser and the way it displays pdfs, but normally if you hover over parts of document a bunch of icons will appear and one of them will be save, and another will be print.
In our next release due in a couple of weeks, we’re changing the way this works and making it so statements and summaries open up in a new tab, this should make this process a lot easier and consistent across different browsers.
Give those ideas a try and if it’s still not working let me know what browser you’re using and I’ll try and recreate it and send through a screenshot.

Thank you LukeB for such a prompt reply. There wasn’t a Save option as such, and I was ® clicking and clicking on Save As, but that would only save as a Web page. However since your reply I relooked at the options at the top of the page, and there was an option to download and when I clicked on that it downloaded as a PDF, so problem solved. Thank you so much again.

Great Monty, good to hear it’s solved.