Printing Individual transactions

Is there a way that we can print/copy a payment we have made so we can paste this to an email to our creditor, this is to show that we have made a payment.

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Hi Julie,

We are currently working on a feature for this in new Internet Banking that will allow you to print or save a confirmation (in PDF format) of any of your bill payments, one-off payments, tax payments and funds transfers so you can send these on as proof of payment.

We hope to have this out to customers in the next month so please keep an eye out for it.  You will be able to click on a transaction in your list to expand the details where you will see the option to print or save.

Thanks Milan


Fantastic idea - can’t wait

Printing off payments was part of the “old” system.  Given the need to have proper records  of certain payments It is a bit strange that this was apparently not transferred to your new system?

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Hi @pkdk, printing payment confirmations is available in the new Internet Banking. Click on one of your bill payments, one-off payments, tax payments or funds transfers in the transaction history and it will expand you’ll see a PDF icon next to ‘Print or save’. Clicking this will generate a PDF that you can save, email or print.

One of the improvements we have made from old Internet Banking is you can now print a confirmation for old transactions as well, not just newly created one.

Here is a help guide for more information -

Thanks Milan

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Thanks.  Now that the PDF icon has been added (it did not appear before!) printing works well.

Am I going blind or is there a problem with this function?

Hi @Terry, you aren’t going blind and you are right, we are missing the ability to print upcoming payments, currently we only have this for processed payments. We need to bring in this ability and will be working this into our backlog of work.


It appears this function doesn’t apply to payments pending (future dates). In the old system it did.