Post-Holiday Bank Statement Check

Hi there, my name is Ange and I’m part of the Financial Crime team here at BNZ. I’ve recently returned from holiday, I had to escape this Wellington winter for a bit of sun. One of my favourite places to visit is Mexico and on this trip we ‘tiki toured’ around Baja (btw… LOVED it!). Working in the Financial Crime area at BNZ has definitely made me more aware of checking my credit card transactions (which I did last night) and found that when buying a beautifully decorated ‘Day of the Dead’ skull, the merchant charged me US$40 over the price we’d agreed on! Despite my decision to not worry about this transaction, it highlights the importance of checking your transactions during and after a holiday – you never know what you might have missed, but your bank statements don’t miss a thing! I will also be updating my LEN today!
Have you had any experiences of being overcharged and not realising until you checked your bank statement?
If any unusual credit card transactions are found on your statement the contact numbers to call are:
 From New Zealand 0800 735 901 (24 hours)
 From overseas +64 4 473 5901 (collect calls are accepted)
For more information on updating LENSecure you can check out Olivia’s recent post here: Protecting your BNZ card from Counterfeit fraud