Planning your social calendar? Make sure you buy your tickets from reputable sellers…

If you’re planning on purchasing tickets to a concert, sports event, comedy show or even the theatre you should always ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller before handing over your money. How do you know the seller is genuine? Firstly, you have control over where you purchase your tickets from. We strongly advise against visiting random websites and buying tickets from anyone advertising on Whatsapp or Facebook. Secondly, you should avoid buying from ‘resale’ sites as well as purchasing from an individual seller. If you do choose any of these options, you do so at your own risk. One way to ensure you are purchasing from a genuine site is to go to the artist or event’s official website and follow the links to the official ticket seller’s site from there.

The Commerce Commission details more information about which websites to steer clear of and explains what happens when the Commission gets involved under the Fair Trading Act.

Tips to remember

  • Always purchase tickets from genuine websites
  • Avoid purchasing tickets over social networks like Whatsapp or Facebook
  • Avoid resale websites
  • Be aware that if you don’t buy from a reputable site that you may never see your tickets, or, if you do receive them they may be fake.

If you’ve transferred money and never received your tickets, goods or services, or you are concerned that you may have been taken in by a scam, please contact BNZ immediately on 0800 ASK BNZ (275 269) or + 64 4 924 0499.

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