PINning cards from overseas

I do a lot of work overseas, and am often abroad for extended periods of time. It’s long been a concern of mine that if my debit or credit card is ever lost, stolen, or used fraudulently, I could get a replacement card sent to me by BNZ, but would not be able to have it PINned until I return to NZ and visit a BNZ Store. That pretty much renders it useless these days. I’ve noted that ANZ and ASB allow customers to change their card PINs either though online banking or from within their mobile app. Westpac and Kiwibank allow customers the ability to either get a computer generated PIN sent to them in the mail, or to apply through internet banking for a new card and set their PINs as part of the online application process. I’d be interested to know whether BNZ has given any thought to making this process easier and more flexible for customers, especially those based overseas, or who spend large amounts of time abroad, or even those who simply live far from a store. Thanks.

Hi @jacurr

We have been talked about this in the past and this is something we really want to offer customers, the easier we make it for you and reduce the need for you to have to take time out of your day to visit a store the better. So rest assured, we are looking into it but unfortunately I can’t give you any timeframes as to when we will get to it.

There are a bunch of card control features that we think will be beneficial to our customers and we hope to have them out and in your control as soon as we can.

Thanks Milan

Thanks Milan, I really appreciate the reply and I’m pleased to learn that BNZ is looking seriously at options to make pinning cards easier for your customers. I look forward to hearing more in due course about the other card control features that will be becoming available in the near future. Thanks and regards.