Personal on line banking

I am trying to log on to the BNZ site for the first time with a different computer and after my first attempt I was locked out.  Is this usual as I thought I would get 3 goes as I don’t go in very often and sometimes it takes me a few goes to get the password correct?

Ring the bank urgently and get them to change your password.

I hope you just meant you are forgetting your password so you don’t get it right the first time.
Yes you would not normally be locked out after the first attempt.
But you could have gone to a bogus bank site. And you say you are using a different computer? Could have viruses installed.

You enter your correct password into what appears to be the genuine website and you receive an error message so you keep trying. Making sure you correctly type in the password but same thing you get an error or locked out message.
Too late the scammer has already got your password and are using it to access your internet banking.

Or they onsell your account details and passwords on the black market via the dark web to others for just a couple of dollars.

Hi @Robyn,

It sounds like you have had your password locked. Passwords get locked after four incorrect entries in a row, however this can be over any  time period. So, if you had previously got your password wrong three times without a successful login, you would be locked out on the next incorrect attempt. No matter how many days had passed.

You shouldn’t  get locked out on your first attempt. Either way call us (0800 275 269), and you will be able to get a new temporary password, that you can reset.