Personal Load Draw down time frame

Help! I think I have been stung
Applied for a personal loan which was fine. Was accepted etc and sat in my account.
I called the bank and asked if I could have it linked up to my internet banking.
I withdrew a small amount to be able to book a small amount of travel and left the remainder
I didn’t want to draw it all down as I am not going away until next week.
Checked the balance and nothing to transfer!
The loan had closed down.
I had no idea I had 21 days to draw down , but not only that, I had no idea it had to be in one transaction.
I was never advised this information and also never received any paperwork.
Yep, you can blame my naivity but really this should have been advised, ’
I called the contact centre and they have said someone will call me in the morning.
The moral of this thread is don’t be blase and assume you know the rules. ASK and make sure the bank does their part in advising you aswell.

Hi Munderwood

Thanks for your message! This really doesn’t sound like an ideal situation - you are right, there is a bank responsibility to advise you fully about a product so that you can make the right decision about if it is right for you. You are also given the opportunity to read through this information to clarify the details.
It sounds like in this case there has been a bit of neglect on both sides but I’m happy to pass on your feedback to the team involved about staying vigilant with regards checking customer understanding if you’d like to send me a private message with a bit more information.
Just to confirm (and for anyone reading this who may be wondering) - our Personal Loans do have a 21 day drawdown period to drawdown the funds (in one lump sum). I’m happy to look into this further if you have any queries, or put you in touch with a banking advisor if you’d like to discuss your options 
Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.