Percentage saving goals

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Just a suggestion, when selecting a “savings goal” online, rather than showing a status bar, I’d like the ability to have my goal shown to me as a percentage. I prefer to work with numbers and even going from 57% saved (example) would want me to get a little more in there to bump it up to 60%
Would love to see if others would like this and if it’s in the pipeline for Bnz to create this ability


Great idea. We do have some other enhancements we want to do for goals such as setting end dates and then suggesting regular deposit amounts to reach your goal. We will definitely keep your idea in mind and see how we can incorporate it in future updates.



Hi Milan
Is there an expected date as to when we can set up and/or change goals via the app? I use this feature a lot and hate having to go to full website to change my goal as even the call centre can’t do it

Hi, you can maintain your goals in the mobile apps. Select the account you want to change, in the account header click on the pencil icon next to the account name and you’ll be able to edit the account image, name and also the goal the same way you can on the full website.


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It does not give me the option to set goals on the app, just change the picture and nickname when I go to the pencil icon
I use a IPhone 6 and it works fine on the desktop but never on the mobile app

Mine doesn’t have a pencil icon - in the mobile app when you tap on the account and go into it I see 3 horizontal dots in top right corner of screen. Tap there, then Edit Account and it takes me to the screen where you can edit the nickname, change phone and add/edit a savings goal. I’m on an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3.4 if that helps?

Hey Yvonne

Yup I have the 3 dots, I go to edit account and it says change to change the picture, Or below that it says nickname but doesn’t show the savings goal add or edit screen at all

I’m on 9.3.3 so is that where it’s different?

I wouldn’t think so as I just updated today and had the functionality in previous iOS. Mine has a slide-y thing that turns the savings goal feature on and off.
@Eric any idea what might be happening with @greenschemes’s savings goal feature?

Hi @Yvonne & @greenschemes,

Currently you can’t set goals for TotalMoney accounts on mobile, that could be the issue? Adding goals for all accounts is definitely on the backlog and we will be working on this.


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Ohh, yeah good point. I have YouMoney, not TotalMoney. Thanks for the clarification @Eric :+1:

That would be the issue as all my accounts are total money, thanks for clarifying this. Hopefully I can do this on the app soon

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