Pending transactions

Can you please get rid of the accursed pending transactions and only put them through when they have been finalised. I spend half my day hunting though the cashbook for pending transactions which have changed value since I entered them, sometimes many days before.

Hi there, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience of having transactions showing as pending. Unfortunately pending transactions will always show up because it can act as alerts to customer when something have been charged onto their account. Perhaps it’s best to wait for transactions to be finalised before entering the amount on your cashbook? I hope that helps. If there’s anything else I can do don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks, Julia.

No that does not help at all. We enter banking daily and have to do so for various reasons such as checking for missed payments from residents.

We are unable to remove pending transactions showing within Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking app, as the pending transactions help to alert customers to potential fraudulent activity, and also help customers to be able to have a pending amount changed when the merchant processes the final amount. Seeing pending transactions also helps our customers to keep track of their spending in real time, as PayWave and online card transactions will always show as pending first. Other transactions, such as deposits into your account, will not show as pending. I will definitely pass on your feedback to the appropriate team about this as I understand it must be hard to do your cashbook with those pending transactions. Thanks, Julia.

Numcrun are you talking about pending transactions on a credit card or from your account. If from a credit card then the amount can change, for example a hotel may put a pending transaction against your account and then when you leave, the pending transaction gets replaced by the actual, also that pending transaction effects your current balance, so needs to be there. If it is done by pay wave against your account, I doubt these amounts change. Happy to help if required.

They are all debit card payments. Ideally the pending transactions would show but not affect the account balance until they have finalised.

These have to effect your available balance, just like they do on a credit card, otherwise the Merchant would be passing over goods without knowing if you are good for the money. Also if you had $50 in your account and we did not factor in these pending transactions and then you spent $40 on a normal EFTPOS transaction and then the pending came through for $30 then you would be overdrawn $20 and then everything that is associated with that.

OK then how about this. Any pending transaction amount is final. Then any later adjustment goes through as a separate transaction with the word “adjustment” added.

numcrun, the piece I do not know is around the obligations on what is called a posted transaction. So the pending is a hold on your available funds but as yet no financial has posted to your account, then when the final or completion comes through, it then posts to your account, so I am not sure the legalities of posting and then having to adjust that posting, where it is not an error but the process.

Hi @numcrun the wider story on this is that before we displayed these transactions as pending, we would get many many calls and enquiries every day about ‘missing’ or invisible transactions, so the changes made to show these have been in response to that and they have gone down very well with our customers, apologies that they annoy you, but they were made for the greater good and an overwhelming request for this info from customers.

The other annoying thing about pending transactions is the lack of information. There is nothing in the particulars, code or reference field. That means no eftpos card number.We have multiple staff with multiple eftpos and debit cards and I often have no idea who to assign a transaction to.

For example there is a pending transaction which says “AUCKLAND REGIONAL RE” and that is all. I have to enter it in our cashbook and I have no idea who did it or what it is for.