'Pending' alert in my internet banking

This morning I logged in to my internet banking and noticed that it says ‘Pending’ next to my latest transaction on my credit card - I’m not at my limit or anything so there shouldn’t be an issue with not having the funds, and it’s not a big purchase (just my morning coffee!). Does anyone know what this means or why it might be appearing?

I’m not BNZ staff so one of them should probably verify, but ‘pending’ has just recently been introduced because credit card transactions are not instant and take awhile to process (especially after the weekend), but customers want to see live updates on their balance.

I’m so happy it’s finally been introduced, I’ve wanted this for ages. I keep my credit card balance at $0 and it can be really annoying seeing that my available balance is less than my limit, but not being able to remember what I purchased! And if you use your card more than once over the weekend, now there’s no more waiting for everything to clear so you can see how much was in each transaction. Yay!


Spot on @RC, that’s exactly how it works.  These “pending” card transactions have always been around but as of this morning you can see them online.

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Nicely said @RC! There’s also some good info on the website @emblue - https://www.bnz.co.nz/support/credit-cards/unusual-transactions/pending-transactions