PayWave sticker

I realise Apple Pay might be a while away and you guys don’t wanna talk about it. But for us iPhone users, is there anything in the pipeline like a PayWave sticker? Something you could stick to the back of your phone to emulate Apple Pay.

Unfortunately systems such as Apple Pay are very closely integrated to the hardware, so it’s not possible to duplicate the user experience through stickers. The closest you might get would be to put your own credit or visa debit card in an iphone case (there are a number of cases that allow you to store a credit card in them), and use the paywave functionality native to your card.

Or get an Android phone and use Android Pay :smirk:

Android Pay is available only on debit visa cards guys…is it ever going to be available for credit cards? We have been waiting an eternity now !!

Dont your parent bank NAB offer a Pay Wave sticker that people stick to their phones to allow card-less Pay Wave??

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Hi @kiwiboyz,

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