Paypal Credit card Transaction

When transferring money on paypal using a credit card is the transaction considered a cash advance?

Hey Sam01, just checked my transactions from a while ago as I’ve done the same - they don’t count as a cash advance. I believe this only occurs when physical cash is withdrawn from the bank or an ATM. :slight_smile:

Kia ora @Sam01! A cash advance will be charged whenever you make a cash withdrawal or transfer using your credit card account.

This includes:
•Transfers made to other BNZ credit card accounts and credit card accounts with other banks or financial institutions, except for balance transfers.
•ATM, electronic and over the counter cash withdrawals or transfers.
•Purchases of travellers cheques and/or foreign currency.
•All payments to people that haven’t arranged to accept credit card account payments through BNZ Phone and Internet Banking Services. There are some registered companies which are an exception to this.

I hope this answers your question - let me know if you need any clarification :smile:

Happy Friday! Emma

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