PayClip® updates out now - what's new

Have you ever used PayClip®? It’s our smartphone card payment technology for small and medium businesses that means you can process payments on-the-go.

Pretty excited to hear that enhancements have been made to the technology to improve functionality and ease of use! Our SME team have been working hard on getting these new features up and running, so it’s great to see it come to fruition.

  • The ability to accept more card types which now includes EFTPOS, in addition to the existing Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit
  • ‘Tap and Go’ contactless payment technology in addition to chip, or swipe, with PIN
  • Bluetooth to connect smartphones to increase compatibility

Never heard of PayClip® or want to know how it can work for you? Find out more here

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I am a new user of Payclip, conceptually it is a perfect fit for my business. However implementation was I have to say very challenging for both BNZ and myself! But thanks to the support of the payclip team, many hours of fiddling and some new code downloaded to my payclip unit, I am pleased to report that I made my first two transactions today, whahooòoo! Have to say that with a little more practice on my part I belive this is a very elegant business solution for me.