Payclip System Tampered Alert

Hi there,
One our our payclips is giving a SYSTEM TAMPERED message on it’s screen. They are unable to continue transactions on the unit. Is there a way to clear this? What are the common issues that cause this to come up with this alert?

Hi there, looks like you will need to get a replacement device. Can you please phone 0800 729 254 and select option 1 for Technical Support. They will arrange for a courier pack to be sent to you so you can return the faulty device, along with a replacement device. The ‘System Tampered’ message usually appears if a device is tampered with, for example trying to open the outer shell, but it could be caused by dropping the device. When we get it back we will investigate the cause of the problem.

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Amazing, thank you. All done and replacement is on its way. Cheers