Payclip - disable credit cards

I am just wondering why Yvonne has not yet stepped in and closed this topic.

I am well aware of how it works, but I don’t really care to waste time philosophising about it.

It’s not like the proponents of Bitcoin or “social enterprise” or “sovereign citizens” or goldbugs have come up with anything more practical.

I have confidence accepting fiat currency because I am fairly sure I can take said fiat currency and go and use it to fill my car up with fossil fuel (which may well enrage you).

Of course it’s marginally possible the world (as we know it) may well have come to an end in the last 24 hours, in which case you may be surprised to learn I live off the grid. So I have at least 50c the other way.

But until and unless the world comes to an end, I say “let the party continue”. LOL.

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well, by reading this post of yours i can concldue that you’re pretty much an expert, or at least nearly an expert, isn’t it? would like to know if i can ask you questions if you don’t mind? thanks!

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Not on BNZs banking. Yvonne is the bnz expert and being paid for

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