Payclip customer email addresses

About 12 months ago I made a suggestion to BNZ about implementing a method to harvest customer email addresses that we enter into payclip when the customer wants an emailed receipt. Even if it’s just an automatic CC to my own email address. Is there no demand for this, or is it difficult to implement?

Thank you for your feedback. The PayClip app enables merchants to send receipts to the e-mail address that their customer has provided for the purpose of receiving the receipt only.

There is no capability within the PayClip app to capture the customer’s approval to receive emails for other purposes, such as promotional messages, as is required by the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

We currently have no plans to enable this feature as significant development work would be required to ensure compliance with the Act.

That’s a pity as I have to ask them their email address twice, once to get the transaction receipt, and again 1-2 minutes later for my records. I would have thought that “consent that can reasonably be inferred” covers it rather well. If they give me their email address so I can send them an email receipt, then it can be reasonably inferred that they gave me the email address to remain in touch with them.

Hi there, a workaround is possible by copying the customer’s email address when you have entered it into the PayClip app (Just hold your finger down on the field), and pasting it into the memo or note pad on your smart device.

We encourage you to obtain permission from your customer first to ensure you don’t breach any anti-spam regulations.

BNZ does not store customer information, like email addresses or phone numbers, and at this stage we have no plans to do so but we have noted your feedback and will take it into consideration for future PayClip updates.

If a customer, for whatever strange reason, suggests that I/BNZ didn’t have permission to send them a receipt, what would happen? And yes, I’ve had that comment, from a customer with multiple email addresses who gave me the “wrong” one for the receipt.

If you’re only sending a receipt and they have given you their email address, you should be fine, we are not aware of any complaints arising from receipts being sent. If you do receive a complaint please let us know.