Pay clip error message

I have a broken payclip Doesn’t work and no one knows how to fix it ! All I get is an error message: active operation you already have a pending operation from on the go.
Has anyone out there found a solution/fix?

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Hi David,

Firstly, thank you for supporting the PayClip!

Now let’s get it up and running so that you can successfully integrate with your MYOB account and the OnTheGo app!

Can I request that you follow the below steps on your smart device (I understand that you are currently using a Samsung Android smart device?):

Go to > Settings > Application > Application Manager.
Scroll down to Payclip, select both Clear data & Clear Cache.
If you can then attempt another test transaction to see if this sorts it out?

If this does not fix the issue, can you let me know via BNZ Community and I will contact you directly to work through this.

Thanks for your patience.

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Tired that didn’t work call me this evening and let’s try to work through it

Thanks David. Will give you a call later this evening and talk this through.


Hi Divya you may recall you said you was going to send me a new Payclip device together with an express package to return the old one.

be advised that I have received the package to return the old 1 but no new pay clip device !

I now believe that it would not be unreasonable to request from bnz 6 months fee free use of Payclip should we ever get it working to compensate me for the numerous hours I have been working with you guys to try and resolve this matter what do you think

Hi Guys Further to our telephone conversation of todays date you requested my Merchant ID. it is [redacted]



You may want to delete this post and communicate with bank staff via private message.

This is a public forum accessible to all users of the World Wide Web.

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Thanks for that, David. Divya will be in touch shortly. Just a note that I’ve redacted your merchant ID number from your message above - it’s not the end of the world, but as @Thomas mentioned, it’s visible for anyone to see, so we prefer to be cautious and exchange information like that via a one-to-one channel like private message or over the phone. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks my bad still learning how to use this kind of portal!

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I am a new user of Payclip, conceptually it is a perfect fit for my business. However implementation was I have to say very challenging for both BNZ and myself! But thanks to the support of the payclip team, many hours of fiddling and some new code downloaded to my payclip unit, I am pleased to report that I made my first two transactions today, whahooòoo! Have to say that with a little more practice on my part I belive this is a very elegant business solution for me.

Thanks for all your help Guys

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