Overseas Fees on Credit Card

If you load your credit card prior to travelling overseas so that it has a credit balance, what fees do you get charged?

Hi @Mac123, currently BNZ does not charge a fee for overseas ATM or over the counter cash withdrawals. However, please note that if withdrawing cash using a credit card, you will get charged a cash advance fee and if withdrawing within the additional credit on the card, you won’t get any interest charges.

There is also a foreign currency service fee of 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of the withdrawal or purchase.

For more information about BNZ’s service fees, you can follow:

For more information about credit card fees and rates, you can follow:

Thanks, Mikayla.

If your BNZ Platinum Credit Card has a credit balance, say $5000.00, are there any fees charged for drawing down cash or making purchases whilst overseas?

Hi @Mac123, apologies there was an error in my previous response. The cash advance fee doesn’t apply to overseas withdrawals. However, interest charges will apply if withdrawing cash from your credit card within it’s credit limit.

If have an extra $5,000.00 available on your credit card above the existing limit, any cash withdrawals made within that $5,000.00 would not incur any interest charges.

When overseas, any cash withdrawals or purchases made using your credit card, we charge 2.25% of the NZ dollar value on every foreign currency transaction.

Thanks, Mikayla.