Overseas banking

What bank is affiliated to BNZ in Australia?

I need to withdraw cash as I am visiting family in Canberra.

BNZ is owned by NAB, but I think the $7.50 international ATM fee still applies.

Hello Wightlady

With the BNZ credit cards, and Flexi Debit Visa cards you can use any ATM machine overseas as long as they accept Visa or MasterCard (depending on what BNZ card you hold) or the ‘Plus’ symbol on the back of your Flexi Debit Visa card.  Usually the ATM machines will have a list of cards they accept on them.  If you need to, you can withdraw up to NZD$2,000 in a 24 hour period, however if you need more than that, you will need to visit a major bank overseas.   Thomas is right, there is a fee of $7.50 per withdrawal using an ATM machine overseas.  Please also note, that when you are making a cash withdrawal you are charged the $7.50 to make the withdrawal from overseas, plus the 2.25% currency conversion fee to convert it from the foreign currency to NZD.  The 2.25% is added onto the NZD amount once it is converted.

Wightlady, please remember to let BNZ know if you are planning on travelling to we can note your accounts so our fraud team maintain the security of your cards and accounts.

If you would like to read up more about the tips we have for travellers, please have a look at this post:

Enjoy your trip!