Overdraft from when I was a clueless student 10+ years ago

When I was 18 the bank pretty much threw money at me. I signed up for a $2000 overdraft and 11 years later I still haven’t paid it off. I have probably paid more in interest than the actual overdraft itself. Yes I was not educated about money management and the old ignorance is not an excuse I get it whatever. out with some if not most of the old. It would have been helpful for me if someone from the bank made contact and said “hey Tracey we notice you have an overdraft of x amount of dollars and here is how we can help with how you can pay it back”. But no, no one from BNZ has advised me on how to better manage my money and pay it back. My recent appointment with an advisor I pretty much felt like crap throughout the whole meeting. In terms of ignorance is not an excuse, I have not read any of your T&Cs and whatever policies and laws run your business so yea whatever. All I am saying is please help me with my finances. I have given a lot via my income, taxes and kiwi saver. Have worked since I was 15yrs old. born and bred New Zealander. Yes I sound like one of those. Thank you and ka kite anō.

Hi @traceym2018, we’re just confirming that we’ve responded to you via private message :slight_smile: We’re closing this one off, but if you have any other questions please let us know.

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Hey @traceym2018, I’m just following up on this as my colleague tells me she hasn’t received a reply from you. I’d like to make sure we investigate this for you thoroughly and help out wherever possible. I’ll send you a private message and if you could get back to me we’ll see what we can do to help you with this. Thanks,